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My name is Emilie Fantuz, I am a visual artist working and residing in Vancouver, BC. I am originally from the Detroit area but I discovered my love of painting while living on the island of Kauai. My experiences in these three diverse locations have influenced and shaped my work and my life. 

In my landscape paintings, I often include some sense of a pathway, whether it be up a mountain or down a city street. This element speaks to the theme of connectivity and of our life's journey. How a road can connect us, how it can lead us to discovery. Yet sometimes, we take an unexpected turn or reach a crossroads.  I choose colors that evoke certain emotions and have symbolic roots.

Since moving to Canada, I have spent a lot of time hiking and exploring the area. I have found that my work has inevitably began to reflect my new surroundings. I find that by exploring the local landscape through my art, I feel more connected and appreciative of my surroundings. It helps me to be present. I love going out into the world and taking what I learn and experience back to my studio to extend, reflect, and share with others.