Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic practice, art has been a two-sided portal for me — simultaneously being a place I can enter when the darker parts of life leave me craving a moment of optimism and also a vessel through which I can add beauty to the world for the moments when others may need it. Art has been in my life since I was a child, making it the most natural sense I have for understanding both my outer and inner world. Introspection and perception are the qualities that allow me both to find something beautiful in everyday moments for myself and create something beautiful on canvas for others. 

Observing the world is part of an artist’s role, but what that artist chooses to share from those observations is the result of their unique perspective. My art is a call to optimism. Through depicting the beauty in everyday moments — the hazy glow of moonlight on a darkened city street, the endlessly intersecting squares and rectangles of shop signs in the distance — I highlight the beauty that sits ready and waiting for our eyes if we should only choose to look. The subtle visions of optimism in our lives inspire me the most; these scenes remind us that beauty is always near, even in the moments it seems most far.

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