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Vancouver Art & Literacy Program for Kids

Welcome to Art & Literacy, a program for children in grades K-2! This program is a joint partnership between Emilie and Mike Fantuz where we connect children's literature to artistic practice and exploration. Our goal is to inspire a love of learning and creativity. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with children in areas we are most passionate about, art and literacy.


In addition to Emilie's work as an artist, she has 9 years of teaching experience with a focus in reading and early literacy. Mike is an air-traffic controller and has transitioned into the role of adult education in his field for the past 5 years while also working as a professional artist. We  developed  the Art & Literacy program as a collaborative blend of our teaching backgrounds, knowledge of early literacy, and our love of art.


The structure of Art & Literacy is consistent, each session will begin with a children’s story that will be read aloud. There will be a discussion component to this portion of the class and a literacy focus.  Then, we will do an art project that relates to the story and also introduces various art techniques and materials. The projects will range from painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media.


We are pleased to offer this program at no cost to families as we have committed to purchase all necessary supplies through the sale of our artwork.

Please feel free to contact us if our program may be a good fit for your organization within the Lower Mainland.

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Emilie Fantuz is represented by Ian Tan Gallery