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I am so honoured to be featured in the March Issue of the Arabella Magazine. The article includes a few sneak peeks of my latest work that will be a part of an exhibition with Mike Fantuz in the fall of 2021 at Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

Below you will find the feature along with a larger print version of the article.

The artist Emilie Fantuz takes an approach to art that is all her own. Everyday scenes glow with a mysterious quality that pauses the rat race just long enough to let us appreciate a vibrant neon sign, the hazy warmth of a street lamp, or the comforting presence of a familiar corner store.

Rather than work from a formulaic process, Emilie approaches her art philosophy-first. It’s her characteristic desire to see the extraordinary in the ordinary that’s landed her art—with its ability to transform a simple sidewalk at nightfall into a scene of dramatic beauty—in both private and corporate collections around the world, from Canada, the United States, China, the Netherlands, France, and the Cayman Islands.

Based in Vancouver, where she is currently represented by the Ian Tan Gallery, Emilie’s distinct style is borne in part from her choice to pick up the lesser-known method of oil painting with palette knives. For both Emilie and her husband, artist Mike Fantuz, palette knives are a key element to their art. The balance between freedom and restriction that’s unique to this method adds an indispensable quality to the subjects they paint.

In her work, Emilie emphasizes the parts of life we easily miss—the glowing reflection of city lights on a wet street, the tiny bursts of color in a flower stand amid grey cement, the majestic lines of tall buildings standing against the horizon. While her work acts as a time capsule, preserving moments of life on canvas, Emilie Fantuz always embeds an appreciative gaze into every piece, making her art both a window to observe the world through and an invitation to embrace the beauty in places we too often overlook.


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