Project in Process, 2021-Present

In this series I have created self-portraits captured through reflections in windows – a documentation of my life's narrative. 

I seek out physical windows within my environment that become references that I use to communicate my experiences, creating a visual dialogue between the external world and my internal reflections. The windows may have a display with items that I find intriguing or interesting architecture, there is always something that intuitively catches my eye. As I am forming the painting, I alter colour, lighting, and intensity of these scenes to evoke a sense of reality while also blurring the line between truth and interpretation.

Central to my exploration is the concept of a portrait as a performative act. In each piece, I consider not only the visual elements but also the deeper layers of my presence within the frame – what I wear, how I pose, and what I choose to omit. This deliberate approach extends to scenarios where the portrait is subtly rendered, resulting in visual tension as the viewer gradually recognizes the figure within the piece. Through this nuanced process, I offer a glimpse into my story, perspective, and life experiences.

I am fascinated by the transient nature of reflections, which constantly shift with changes in light and movement. This impermanence establishes my work with a sense of authenticity, making each piece impossible to replicate and capturing a fleeting moment in time. 

Beyond personal narrative, my work serves as a commentary on societal norms and expectations, particularly challenging the male gaze prevalent in traditional portraiture. By presenting myself as both subject and creator, I aim to question these norms and offer a fresh perspective on the representation of women.

Through meticulous attention to colour, light, and subtle gradients, I strive to create immersive experiences that encourage viewers to engage deeply with each piece. Ultimately, my goal is to share something truly unique and thought provoking, inviting viewers to challenge their perceptions and embrace the complexity of human experience.