Project in Process, 2021-Present

When we take a reflection as our subject, what we contemplate is a dual-image. Certain things

might be mundane taken in standalone context, but once juxtaposed with their surroundings,

become surreal, layered, fascinating.

In Reflections, the images frame moments where a glimpsed interior peeks through a reflected

streetscape, capturing the artist herself in between. This flattens the distance between artist

and viewer into a single point, conveying a moment of attention in one-to-one terms. With a

camera obscuring her face, the artist could be anyone; the little black hole of the lens invites us

in to witness the scene in her place. Paradoxically, each vast composition of forms, colors, and

patterns issues from that single black spot – a black hole at the center of each galactic creation.

Reflection is itself a dual concept. By one definition, a reflection literally bounces light, throwing

back an image of the viewer. But to reflect also means to deeply consider, and the

compositions in this series weave notions of the face we show the world masking interiority

and depths that are only glimpsed by others. As the artist stands on the threshold of these two

planes, one might consider Reflections a series of self-portraits, both literal an abstract. Taking a

moment of stillness to capture surface beauty, the artist reflects that something can only be

meaningful if we have the ability to accept it inside, as well.